Steve Garrod

My passion is for training people how to train others. I honed my teaching skills while working for national training providers for more than 15 years. During that time I realised people learnt more effectively in smaller groups and teaching them in a way that made sense to them. This was the main reason why I, along with Dennis Hylton, set up Equip Training. Our aim has always been to provide inclusive, supportive and easily accessible training courses by sharing good quality resources and making the best use of traditional and virtual classrooms.

I first got the bug for teaching in a wet and windy school playground while training people to ride motorcycles. I became a driving instructor in the mid 90s but soon realised that I wanted to offer my teaching skills to a wider audience. I achieved my Certificate of Education (Cert Ed) in 2003 before gaining my assessing and internal verifying qualifications.

These qualifications have given me the opportunity to develop my skills and improve my knowledge of how people learn. In addition, I have gained a wealth of experience to enable me to pass on what I have learnt to those looking to develop their own skills within adult education.

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